Profile Legacy ZB Aerobar

profile legacy aerobar

Anyone who has tried time trialing or has just wanted to shave some time off a road race or triathlon will know just how important aero bars can be. By adopting the ‘aero position’ the rider is more aerodynamic and thus has less resistance and travels faster. There’s no doubting the advantages of attaching areo bars to your road bike but the main problem is being able to afford good quality bars in the first place. High quality bars cost anything from £100 up to an eye watering £1,000.

Thankfully the Legacy ZB aero bar from Profile won’t force you to remortgage your house, but still provides excellent quality and comfort. Profile Design aero bars are renowned for being easy to set up and even easier to adjust and the Legacy ZB bars are no different. If you’re an aero bar newbie looking to get into the sport of time trialing then the Legacy ZB could be the perfect bars to start on.

The aero bars can be assembled and attached to your bike in around 5 minutes so even if DIY is not your strong point you should have no problem setting the Legacy bars up. Aero bars in this price range (around £60) are certainly not expected to be particularly light weight, but at just 475g the Legacy ZB’s are impressively low. In fact there are far more expensive bars that don’t manage to get under the 500g mark.

The bar extensions on the Legacy ZB are fixed in their housing so unfortunately there is no possibility of changing the hand positions and the rider is forced to use an overhand grip, but this should be expected of an aero bar in this price range and really shouldn’t cause much trouble. The good news is Profile have included a range of mounts for the arm rests and each one can be rotated so you can easily find the perfect riding position for your elbows and arms. This is a crucial feature as it avoids the risk of your arms catching the metal housing and causing discomfort over a long ride.

If you’ve always been tempted at the thought of using aero bars but have previously been put off by the high cost then the Legacy ZB’s could be the ideal solution. They are well priced, light weight and offer excellent versatility and performance. They are the ideal choice for aero bar newcomers or anyone looking for a well performing aero bar bargain.

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