Cinelli Zydeco Cyclocross Frame

cinelli zydeco cx frame

Cyclocross has quickly become one of the most popular cycling disciplines in the last few years, which has resulted in a number of new cyclocross specific bikes being released. The Zydeco from Cinelli fits into this category and is the only cyclocross frame in the whole range from the Italian bike manufacturer.

As you would expect from a Cinelli bike, the frame on the Zydeco not only features impressive looks but is also expertly constructed as well. The frame uses strong and lightweight Columbus Zonal triple butted aluminum tubing matched to a carbon fiber-bladed fork. Cinelli are renowned for their frames and the Zydeco design also included inputs from the Cinelli Down Under racing team based in Belgium. Due to it’s cyclocross intentions the Zydeco features a longer wheel base for extra mud clearance and more stable handling, while a steeper head tube and a higher bottom bracket also aids the superior handling.

The Zydeco is certainly a very handsome looking frame, with the grey and yellow paint work complementing each other very nicely, making it almost a shame to drag it through the mud and gravel of a cyclocross course.

With it’s long wheelbase and relaxed seat tube angle the Zydeco should give a very stable and reliable ride no matter what terrain you throw at it. As a cyclocross specific bike though, there is no doubt the Zydeco will be most at home on gravel or rough dirt tracks but it is still capable of performing admirably on the road, just as long as you aren’t expecting the handling and speed of a race bike or sportive.

Being a cyclocross bike the Zydeco is sure to go across plenty of rough terrain but the aluminium frame should handle everything you throw at it and the carbon fibre forks should keep the feedback to a minimum. The Zydeco isn’t the best bike at handling sharp corners and severe twists and turns but it is more than capable on more sweeping turns and really comes into its own on the straights.

The Zydeco’s ability to handle rough and bumpy terrain should mean you can spend a prolonged period of time off-road without praying for some smooth tarmac to take away the pain. The Cinelli Zydeco would make a great choice as a dedicated cyclocross bike or for anyone looking for a winter training bike that is comfortable both off-road and on.

The Zydeco might not be at its very best on the road but it is still more than capable. It is on gravel and mud that the bike really comes alive though and the quality of the Cinelli frame should leave you wanting more at the end of a long ride.

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