Neil Spinney who runs a bi annual charity event called 'The Wrong Way Back'

  • Country : United Kingdom

    Currently riding : Giant Defy 3 Compact Road Bike
    Topics : Road Cycling,

    Bio :

    Hi I’m Neil Spinney or Marlon as my friends call me (don’t ask) and will be 38 this year.

    I cycle with friends to keep myself fit and healthy as I do like my food a beer!!

    I currently work at FJ Chalke Ltd and run their online car parts webshop and trade customers. I also work as a doorman at weekends.

    I have recently become a father again and now I am totally outnumbered by the women in the house. Not looking forward to my two daughters bring home boyfriends!!!

    I am a founder of The Wrong Way Back which carries out charity cycle rides. I am also looking into organising a yearly sportive in Wincanton, Somerset. So if anyone has any tips please feel free to get in touch.

    Website :

    The Wrong Way Back will be carrying out their second charity cycle ride in aid of Macmillan and Help for Heroes, on Saturday June 1st to Saturday June 8th 2013. The Wrong Way Back charity cycle ride will start from the Dolphin Hotel in Wincanton on June 1st 2013 and will finish back at the same location on the 8th June 2013. The route will take riders from Wincanton up to Minehead and along the north coast to Land’s End where they will then head back along the south coast to Weymouth. From there they will head back in land to Wincanton. Each rider will cycle an average of 80 miles a day to complete this 560 mile challenge. You will be able to follow their progress with training rides and the ride itself by joining The Wrong Way Back team at The Wrong Way Back started life in 2009 as an idea between Neil Spinney and Mark Henley. The first Wrong Way Back charity ride followed the same route and took place in June 2010 with 3 Riders – Neil Spinney, Mark Henley and Dave Taton. The aim was to raise money for the MS Society and Alzheimer’s Society. The sum raised was in excess of £ 2,000!! For 2013, The Wrong Way Back team has grown to 10 riders, 4 support crew and they will be raising money and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support and Help for Heroes. Current corporate sponsors are as follows: Dolphin Hotel Wincanton FJ Chalke Ltd Hamlets Letting Agents Hambledon Estate Agents BA9 Bikes Winsom Electronics International Fire Fighter Magazine Holbrook House Stocked RAM (Remote Asset Management)

    Think back to when you were a kid; tell me about your earliest memories of cycling

    My earliest memory of cycling was the first day my Dad removed the stabilizers off my shiny new green bike I had. The reason for this memory is I remember my Dad letting go of my seat and me being chaffed as nuts looking over my shoulder at my Dad think hey this is easy. Then mmmm me hitting a small wall and flying through the air. Next thing is I have my Dad dragging me out of someones hedge.

    Since childhood has cycling always been part of your life?

    Cycling has always been something I have done. living in the wonderful English countryside does have its draw backs if you are not old enough to ride a moped or drive a car.

    What is the ‘Wrong Way Back’ and why that name?

    The Wrong Way Back is a charity cycle ride me and my friend Mark Henley came up with after a long night on the beer after watching Blurs last gig. The reason for name The Wrong Way Back is because we always come back a different way to the one we took to get there.

    Why did you choose the Macmillan Cancer Support and Help for Heroes charities to support?

    The reason for the two charities is because most of the riders that are taking part in The Wrong Way Back have personal experiences with friends or family having cancer or have friends or family in the armed forces. From past experience of taking part in The Wrong Way Back in 2010 I know that days will be physically and mentally hard. Some days just dragging yourself back onto the bike is more mentally challenging than anything else.

    What sort of training are you doing for the ride in June?

    Well training!! I hate the word. Back in 2010 I did no training at all.........................and paid the price...............yes I nearly killed myself.........swollen aching was hard!! 2012 I am training like hell 2-3 days up the gym (kindly sponsored by Holbrook House). Each gym session is normally 1-2 hours long. I normally spend around 40 minute's on the up right bike and then do weight training to help build my legs up and normally a few core exercises as well. If the weather is not to bad I will get out on the bike for a short 12-26 mile ride hitting some big hills around where I live.

    You mentioned using Endomondo as a tool to track your riders training and progress, why that App over Strava or any others?

    I started using Endomondo last year as it was the first app I found for my old android phone. I have recently started using Strava as a secondary app, because a few friends use it on there phones.

    Do you have a nemesis hill?

    I hate hills, love going down them. For some reason I’m rubbish at hills, but hopefully with further trianing and practice I will get better. Mind you living in a town where no matter what route you take involves a hill is helping me gain experience and confidence.

    Who or what is your cycling inspiration?

    My inspiration for cycling is to keep fit and healthy and more recently Bradley Wiggins has help inspire me into get myself fit and back onto a bike.

    Have you achieved any cycle milestones and will you participate in any other events apart from your own?

    My main achievement so far is completing The Wrong Way Back in 2010 and I am also planning on taking part in The Wrong Way Back in 2015, 2017, 2019 and keep going until my body cannot take it anymore. I will be taking part in The Lion Heart in March, along with five other riders from The Wrong Way Back team. We will be using this a training ride.

    Where would you go if all the world was cycle friendly?

    I have always fancied doing a road trip alone route 66 in America and seeing the Grand canyon. Maybe I could get a few riders together for a trip doing that and that could be the route we take in The Wrong Way Back 2015!??

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