Bike Articles – Including Guides, How To’s, Videos And Much More

As a sport growing in popularity there are many disciplines to cycling and huge amount of information to consume, whether you are a casual commuter or a MAMIL on a mission. We have created an ever growing list of articles, that aim to help inform all types of cyclists of many different aspects of biking.


These guides aim to explain about specific parts of a bike:

Parts of a bike explained
Road bike wheel terminology

Generic articles

Cycling is a massive sport and has a plethora of followers and die hards, but not all cyclist are the same. However some elements of cycling are similar, so we have grouped together a list of relevant articles which should appeal to all riders:

Cycling motivation
Weight loss through cycling
Cycle your way fit
Spinning training
Cycling nutrition
Road biking what to eat
Top reasons to cycle to work
Times cities for cycling
British London Olympics 2012

Road Specific

These articles are specific to the road cycling community and related disciplines including cyclocross, touring, single speed and track.

Guide to road cycling
Road bike sizing guide
Choosing a road bike from scratch
Clincher vs Tubular
Road bike wheel buying guide
Road cycling shoe size guide
Second hand road bikes
What is cyclocross?
What is single speed or fixed gear?

Women Specific

The number of women in the sport is growing, buoyed on by the success of the Team GB Women’s cycling team this summer in the London Olympics.

Womens cycling clubs

Cycling Humour

14 inventive uses for a bike

How To’s

How to change a puncture

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