About Not Another Hill

This is a new project (October 2012) for Adam Samuel. Notanotherhill is for every rider that loves 2 or 3 wheeled pedal powered (electric assisted) cycling. We don’t specialise in road or mountain biking, but cater for all types of riders. The site will build up interviews of cyclists from around the world and tell their stories. Whether connected to the bike industry or not people who ride bikes are of the same mindset and we hope to capture that with interesting perspectives. The plan is to build an online brand that is synonymous with cycling, well we can but dream ;)

Who Is Adam Samuel?

Adam is a 30 something year old online business owner/consultant. He has been working full time on web projects since 2001 and has built successful overseas property brands including Nubricks.com. Alas the international real estate market has imploded and so he has been looking for other opportunities since 2008. After working with a number of high street and online cycling brands, plus being a passionate cyclist, he decided to build this site. He also consults for a number of clients helping them to generate more business and sales via the following techniques: traffic generation, social media, email marketing, conversion rate testing, PR and online branding.

See his Cyclist Interview here.

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